Mission Statement:

Morris was known for being a maverick, a leader who stood up for what was right, no matter who said otherwise. His love of people, animals and the environment was recognized by all who knew him. Therefore, our mission is to keep his spirit and memory alive by supporting organizations and individuals who perpetuate these ideals. 

The purpose of the Morris Stein Foundation is to make the world we live in a better place by encouraging individual responsibility and fostering awareness of ways to take responsibility

Fundraising for The Morris Stein Foundation, also known as MoSt, will focus on doing the MoSt for the environment, the MoSt for diversity and tolerance, the MoSt for animal rescue and the MoSt for gun safety. 

Funds raised will be used in the following manner:

1. Donations to existing not-for-profit organizations including but not limited to:
a. Humane Society and/or SPCA and the Wildlife Care Center (which is also 
affiliated with SPCA)
b. Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and/or Discovery Channel programs (i.e. this 
program made possible by a grant from The Morris Stein Foundation)
c. Habitat for Humanity 
d. Public Libraries and Literacy programs
e. Temple Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus' Morris Stein Fund for Summer Camp and Hebrew School scholarships.

2. To establish a program on gun safety including:
a. encouraging new rules requiring state and/or federal regulations to mandate safety classes for anyone obtaining long-guns or handguns in much the way safety classes
are required before anyone can drive a motorcycle or go scuba-diving.
b. develop a template for a class which can be taught on the upper levels of grade school to ensure that teenagers know proper gun etiquette and safety measures, much like sex education and drivers' education
c. speaking tours and/or events promoting responsibility and importance of gun safety.

3. Scholarships and Grants for like-minded students 
Eventually we will establish a criteria and make this part of the foundation mission.

Organizational Structure:
We are a totally volunteer organization. Eventually, if it is possible, a salaried position will be created when the work involved merits it. 


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