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environment - animal rescue - diversity and tolerance - gun safety and education

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Results are in!
MoSt supporters ROCKED the vote!

MoSt supporters placed more than 182 of the total 880 votes for the Miami Dade Animal Services shelter. We helped the shelter stay in the list of top 100 shelters nationwide, finishing in 27th place of Care2.com favorite shelters contest. The shelter may not have won but it certainly got noticed, as did www.theMoStFoundation.org Not bad for our first concerted effort!

A vote through the link was a vote for the Miami Dade Animal Services shelter, where Morris' dog Lily was adopted in December 2006.

"“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Gandhi "

Michael Krop Sr. High alumni Chelsea Auth and her sorority held a fashion show May 4, 2009 in Uniondale, NY, to raise awareness for The MoSt Foundation. Details to be posted soon.




David Kubiliun

Paul Pecaro
Janice Seitz

Coordinator: Carolina Remos


March 14, 2010 8 - 11 a.m.
A Huge Success!!!
click here to read all about it
coordinators included

Jodi Weinreb;
Jesyca, Caron and Adam Schiffman;
Carolina Remos & Mentora Bloom

For more information on the free cruise from www.CaribbeanCL.com
being offered to MoSt supporters,
call Ruthie Berkemyer at 727-342-2974.

In an uplifting and joyful event, friends gathered in Gainesville and painted a wall reserved for artists as a tribute to
Morris and the MoSt Foundation, Jan 17, 2009. See more pictures on the foundation's Facebook page (CLICK HERE).
and while you're there, become a "fan."

Special thanks to the residents of Federation Gardens in Broward County. They held a pizza lunch Feb. 14, 2009, and raised $144 for The MoSt Foundation.



A young man who went to Cooper City High School and Pioneer Middle School with Morris the year he lived in Cooper City found out what happened through Facebook. He used to play flag football with Morris and was in Tallahassee in the fall of 2007.

After reading the Facebook event page for Safety Instruction before Gun Ownership (called Petition Signing), Ruben Leon decided to make the flag football games he organized an event for the Morris Stein Foundation (MoSt). The games were played in Cooper City, Dec. 13 and 14, 2008, at Brian Piccolo Park. He is called his team First and For MoSt. He said after reading everything on this site, he knew he wanted to help raise awareness for the foundation's ideals: Do the MoSt for the environment, for animal rescue, for tolerance and diversity, for gun safety, Get the MoSt Out of Life. He bought 6 of the MoSt organic t-shirts for his team to wear as a uniform.

The astounding thing is Ruben left FSU after the fall semester to have surgery for Colitis. He has had his entire large intestine removed. He wears a bag that will be removed when he has his final surgery next year. He currently attends Broward Community College. Two months before the games he was still recovering and could barely shop in the mall. On that Saturday and Sunday, he played tag football in memory of Morris. Click here to see the Sun Sentinel article.

For more information, please email info@theMoStFoundation.org

2008 Halloween Event :
Sam Touisithiphonexay hosted a Halloween Event Oct 29, 2008, for his martial arts school in Sunny Isles and included The MoSt Foundation in the festivities. Chad Prince and Hillary Blasberg manned the MoSt table with laptops to facilitate voting through the foundation's link for the Miami Dade Animal Shelter in the Care2.com contest.  They also had MoSt organic t-shirts with them to sell to supporters.





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